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The NoBLOCK® Filter was developed to solve one of the biggest problems in the operation of magnetic separators of the WHIMS type, which is the clogging of its magnetic matrices.

The clocking of magnetic matrices directly impacts concentration plants:

  • Reduces the capacity of magnetic separators;
  • directly impacts the operation and availability of the plants.
  • Causes production losses;
  • Reduces the quality of the product;
  • Cleaning the matrices requires a large number of hours;
  • It eventually requires unplanned stops at the plants.

Experience has shown that the use of vibrating screens as protective equipment is not a 100% efficient technique. Here are some of the main advantages of using the NoBLOCK® Filter over vibrating screens.

  • It doesn’t produce vibrations that break the screens of the screens and allow the passage of contaminants to the magnetic matrices.
  • Constant cleaning of the screens with washing sprays (retro-washing);
  • Rapid replacement of the complete rotor instead of the time-consuming task of replacing the screen panels;
  • Energy consumption 10x less than that of vibrating screens.

Feed capacity

Screen 0,6mm 1,4mm 3,5mm
Feed Capacity(*) 80 m³/h 250 m³/h 300 m³/h

(*)Reference for iron ore pulp with 50% solids by mass.
May vary according to particle size distribution