Mobile Magnetic Separation Plant

Feed Capacity up to 450 tph


Mobile Magnetic Separation Plant with Gaustec GX-450

Equipped with the GX-450, the mobile Magnetic Separation plant is an effective solution for projects with reduced life cycle or that require expedited implementation.

Like other GAUSTEC magnetic separators, it is commonly used for iron ore concentration. it can also be applied in the concentration of other minerals, such as ilmenite, chromium, nickel, niobium, molybdenum. It can also remove impurities from non-magnetic materials such as quartz sand, lithium, talc, kaolin, graphite, cassiterite, among others

Feed capacity*

Conventional Matrix

GAP 1,5 mm 2,5 mm 3,8 mm 5,0 mm
Matriz Comum 200 t/h 270 t/h 400 t/h 450 t/h

BigFLUX® Matrix

GAP 1,1 mm 1,5 mm 2,5 mm 3,8 mm 5,0 mm
Matriz STD BigFLUX 200 t/h 240 t/h 300 t/h 410 t/h 450 t/h
Matriz SUPER BigFLUX 230 t/h 272 t/h 332 t/h 444 t/h 481 t/h
Matriz MEGA BigFLUX 254 t/h 295 t/h 353 t/h 465 t/h 499 t/h

(*) – Values for iron ore, 40% solids. Conditional on testing.

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